One Plus 5 Overview Review Specification: Buy Online Amazon

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One Plus 5 Overview Review Specification: Buy Online Amazon

I have used all OnePlus devices (1, 2, X, 3 and 3T.). OnePlus was an experimental startup project from OPPO and now It has turned into a well-established brand name. All Oneplus devices have the killer hardware at the very reasonable price tag, but we all know that powerful hardware alone not enough to make a good piece of technology, software plays an important role too. iPhone is the example and this is where OnePlus failed in the beginning. OnePlus started with Cyanogen OS then they had to move on Hydrogen & Oxygen OS but last year they started merging both Hydrogen and Oxygen OS and the result can be seen in OnePlus 5’s Oxygen OS 4. In this review, I will share everything about OnePlus 5 including some good and bad things about OnePlus 5 comparison in both 6GB and 8GB variants based on my experience.

So here we go:

👊 OnePlus 5 6GB/64GB vs 8GB/128GB

  1. IMHO the 6GB RAM is more than enough, the 8GB RAM is a just marketing strategy to grab more attention on their 128GB model, The memory module they used are same and carry the same read/write and copy speed. Hence the performance is same for the both devices.
  2. You get 52GB user available memory on the 64GB variant and 111GB on the 128GB variant.
  3. Midnight Black colour exclusively available with 128GB variant which is again to get more attention on 128GB variant as most people love the Black colour. I personally like the black colour most but on this particular device, the state grey colour of 64GB looks cooler than the black colour of 128GB.
  4. I’m attaching the pictures of the both devices as the picture can speak a thousand words.

📦 Box Contents:
1. OnePlus 5 with Pre-Applied Screen Protector.
2. Dash Charge Adapter.
3. USB Type C Cable (USB to Type C).
4. Sim Card Ejector Tool.
5. User Manual.
6. A message from company Co-founder Carl Pei.
7. Some OnePlus stickers.

👍 The Good:
+ Build quality, this phone has awesome build quality and beautiful metal construction with the equal weight distribution like old generation’s 3 and 3T.
+ It looks good in the hand, gives an illusion of iPhone 7 Plus but feels better in hand with iPhone 7 Plus.
+ OnePlus 5 gets charged 10% to 70% within an hour with it’s Dash Charge. All heat dash charge keep in it and it has the ability to keep OnePlus 5 temperatures low even while fast charging, it is the new charging standard OnePlus created last for mobile industries.
+ Latest lighting fast Snapdragon 835 10nm processor which is 27% faster while consuming 40% less energy, with the overall size being 30% smaller than the previous generation’s Snapdragon 820/821.
+ Fast 64/128GB UFS 2.1 2-LANE Storage with read & write speed of ~500MB/s & 250MB/s which is 87% faster than compared to old eMMC 5.0 and these are one of the fastest memory modules for smartphones (Faster the memory, lesser the loading and launching time of the apps).
+ 6GB/8GB LPDDR4X RAM is also smaller and more power efficient than the previous generation’s LPDDR4 RAM.
+ One of the fastest fingerprint sensors in smartphones to date which is embedded in a touch home button.
+ All front 16MP and the rear 16MP+20MP camera are Sony sensors and are the best in the class, no shutter lag and takes good pictures in daylight even low light performance is not too bad. With this dual camera system, you can get DSLR like (blur effect/bokeh) photos. Overall great camera experience.
+ NFC Support, I mostly use it to connect my camera to mobile.
+ Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX & aptX HD Bluetooth Audio Codecs support.
+ The audio output is good, loud and clear tested with Sony XB70AP wired earphones, Bluedio T2 Bluetooth headphones and Moto Deck wireless speakers.
+ Speaker located at the bottom so no matter how OnePlus 5 lays it isn’t blocked. speaker volume is good but not excellent like OnePlus 2 but better than the Galaxy S8, LG G6 and iPhone 7s plus which cost twice of it.
+ Good battery backup with the 3300mAh battery just you need to tweak it a bit.
+ Bundled charger and cable quality are awesome. No compromise is done with them.
+ Oxygen OS is lightweight and butter smooth. Network speed monitor, Vibration patterns, sRGB display mode, Smart Wi-Fi Switcher, Cool gesture control with additional three new gestures, you can also customize these gestures to launch your fav app quickly, game mode and reading mode are now part of new Oxygen OS and all of these are extremely useful features.
+ It has the headphone jack.
+ Assembled in India.

👎 The Bad:

– OnePlus is investing too much in advertising and sponsored posts on the internet, and the result is here the price is now no more budget friendly like it used to be with OnePlus 1, 2, X and 3. IMHO now it comes with a premium price tag although it is still cheaper than all flagships that carry same specs.
– Design, they just copied iPhone 7 Plus design. I accept that today almost every phone looks alike because of curved shape but they don’t just copy the design, look at huwai dual camera setup, Mi’s dual camera setup, LG’s dual camera setup and then iPhone 7 Plus and Oneplus 5’s camera setup and antenna lines.
– Not even bezel-less, Not even 2k display in 2017’s flagship. They used the same OnePlus 3/3T display module with OnePlus 5.
– No FM, No IR Blaster, today almost all phones packed with this feature but I don’t know why flagships devices like OnePlus 5, Samsung S8 does not have it.
– No OIS, this camera doesn’t have OIS and even NO EIS for 4k video recordings although they are working on it, maybe in future, we will get EIS for 4k in updates.
– No dual tone flash. It has only single LED flash.
– No native video calling support for 4G and 3G.
– Although it has new smaller and power efficient 6GB/8GB LPDDR4X RAM but the copy speed of this RAM is just half of the previous generation’s OnePlus 3/3T’s 6GB LPDDR4 RAM. I tested it with A1 SD Bench and results were OnePlus 5 6GB/8GB at ~7000MB/s and OnePlus 3/3T at ~12000MB/s. OnePlus 5’s RAM speed is slower than the most flagship devices in the market.
– The Oxygen OS is a bit buggy for this device for now but things will become good by time.
– The very delicate device, dropping it once will break it as the glass has no frame around it to protect.
– The headphone jack is still on the bottom which is really something not in trend and it makes trouble in holding the device in one hand when earphones are plugged.
– No wireless charging.
– Now the Accidental Damage Protection is FREE only if you open a Kotak 811 account, if you already have one then you are not eligible for the FREE Accidental Damage Protection.
– The midnight black colour is exclusively available with only 8GB RAM and 128GB internal variant.
– Playing with emotions of many customers who blindly trust benchmark numbers by Cheating with the benchmarks.
– The new Dash Charge adapter is very big, I think it is the biggest that comes with any smartphone.
– Bad after sales services.

👉 Other Points:
Battery Saving Tip:
1. OnePlus 5 has an Optic AMOLED display so keeping the black color on the screen will save OnePlus 5’s battery life. So make a black wallpaper and use dark mode. Additionally, you can install substratum and InversionUI to change everything in black from the play store if you have rooted your device.
2. Install and use greenify, people think there is no use of greenify as there is doze mode in Android M but Doze doesn’t do anything while your device is in use, whereas Greenify can happily hibernate non-essential apps and boost battery performance.

Performance Tweak:

Go to phone Settings > About Phone > Hit “Build number” 7 times > back to Settings > Developer Options here change animations speed to .5x from 1x or turn them completely off.

Issues & Fixes:

1. Camera shutter sound is not getting turn off. Wait for the update.
2. Facing jelly scrolling effect? According to OnePlus the effect is normal.
3. OTG not working. To fix this is to jump into Settings > Advance and from here enable OTG Storage.
4. Getting high pitch noise while calling. Open Phone App > hit the three dot > Settings > Call Settings > From here turn off the noise cancellation.

Screen Protection:

OnePlus 5 has a curved 2.5D display because of that no tempered glass will completely cover it and tempered glass those cover it completely have no glue middle of them at the screen area, in this case, you there will be a rainbow effect due to gape between the screen and the tempered glass. Most of the covers will also peel off these full tempered glass so I would recommend you to not buy them.
I personally use the no tempered on this mobile, the pre-applied screen protector is good enough to take care of scratches. I will apply another good quality screen protector(not tempered glass) in one or two months.

FREE Accidental Damage Protection:

You get accidental and Liquid Damage Protection insurance worth Rs.2000 FREE on opening a Kotak 811Account(to be activated within 15 days) to activate it just follow these steps:
Install the Kotak 811 App and Open your 811 DO mention promo code Ref as ONEPLUS and transfer 1000 rupees in that account to be eligible for the offer. Now install OnePlus Care app and apply for the insurance with the required details.

Dash Charging:

Dash charge only works with the bundled Dash Charge Adapter and the Cable, if you are not using one of them or both then Dash Charge will not work. In other words, Dash Charge works with only bundled Dash Charge Adapter and the Cable.

Current While Charging:

Some users may feel electric shock/mild vibrating sensation while charging, which is completely normal. This is known as “current leakage”, and is usually caused by the device being grounded differently than your body is. It happens with many devices like laptops, mobiles, etc. It mostly happens devices with the metal frame. OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3/3T both have solid metal construction so using a case will fix the issue.




OnePlus had done a great job with OnePlus 3/3T, but with OnePlus 5 they didn’t do much. IMHO OnePlus 5 is an incremental update over 3 and 3T. It has a great camera, excellent performance, lighting fast FP sensor and the Dash Charge and all these you get in OnePlus 3/3T too. At just 27k and when it comes to performance, OnePlus 3/3T/5 beats many flagship smartphones that cost double of it. If you really need a dual camera setup to make your memories more beautiful and you are into photography then you should definitely go for the Oneplus 5 else OnePlus 3/3T is still great option to grab and save money. If you already have OnePlus 3T then upgrade to OnePlus 5 doesn’t worth at all.

One Plus 5 Rating

I’m rating OnePlus 5 with 5 stars because of the way it feels in hand, camera quality, dash charge and it still comes at the good price tag than all premium brands and the SBI cashback makes the deal sweeter.

I am providing some pictures of the product for better understanding as “A picture can speak a thousand words”.

If you have any query or confused about buying this item then feel free to comment here or email me for a quicker response.

Oneplus 5 Rating

OnePlus 5 Specification

  • 20MP+16MP primary dual camera and 16MP front facing camera
  • 13.97 centimeters (5.5-inch) capacitive touchscreen FHD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
  • Android v7.1.1 Nougat OS with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa core processor
  • 6 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory and dual nano SIM dual-standby (4G+4G)
  • 3300mAH lithium-ion battery with Dash Charge technology
  • Fingerprint scanner, all-metal unibody and NFC enabled
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase

OnePlus 5 (Slate Gray, 6GB RAM + 64GB memory)

Buy the OnePlus 5 Online at Amazon India. After the reliability and success of its previous smartphones, OnePlus introduces its latest generation smartphone. Buy OnePlus 5 Tempered Glass, Back Cover only on Amazon.

OnePlus 5 (Slate Gray, 6GB RAM + 64GB memory)


OnePlus 5 (Midnight Black, 8GB RAM + 128GB memory)


OnePlus 5 Tempered Glass

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